Community Housing Network & The Autism Society of Oakland County are pleased to present “Getting My Own Address”.  The Guide is for adults receiving mental health services, their families and the people who advocate for and support them. Many of the individuals who contributed to the writing of this guide currently receive services. They understand the many challenges of taking two steps forward and one step back that is part of the recovery process.

If you are an adult who has lived with all the ups and downs of having a mental illness, and live with your family, or in a setting like a group home or an adult foster home, this Guide may be for you.

If you have considered living in a more independent housing situation, either now or in the future, this Guide can help you on that journey.

“Getting My Own Address” offers many options or paths that may lead to positive change in your housing situation.  Achieving an independent living setting of your choice requires a great deal of responsibility.  Moving from a family home or from a group home to another place with more freedoms might be more difficult than it first seems.  It will be easier if you take small steps to reach your goals. You can find some of those small steps in this Guide.

This Guide can also be read by family members, friends, and professionals.  It can offer you planning options and resources to help the people you support to move toward more independent living settings of their choice.

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